I was born and raised in Oklahoma until I was 15. My Mom was a single mother, and she taught me early on, through her actions, about the values of sacrifice...



It’s weird how things work out. Growing up in Oklahoma, I used to play “cops and robbers.” I was always the cop. Years later, after moving out...

Creating change takes a community. It takes votes. But even before that, it takes people...

- The COST OF LAW ENFORCEMENT should not be a burden on taxpayers. 
- The right to keep and bear arms...

To the Defenders of our Freedom; may you be safe in your journeys and come home soon.









SHERIFF    Jefferson County, Colorado

To My Fallen

brothers & sisters... 


...you shall never be forgotten.

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To those that gave the ultimate sacrifice; we will never forget or take for granted.

I'm not a bureaucrat or part of the establishment. I am the only candidate that has made an arrest in the past 20 years. I've helped the abused child, the troubled teenager and the lady that had her savings stolen because of identity theft.

Six years ago a national candidate ran on the slogan of "Hope and Change." For the past six years the Sheriff's Office and Command Staff has been hoping for a change in the budget by taking more of your tax dollars. I don't have a hope I have PLANS that do NOT involve asking for more of your hard earned money.

These plans include improving school safety so our most precious resource is given the best environment to learn without fear. I can put more deputies on the street to provide a better, quicker response when you call for help.

Last year the Sheriff’s Office lost 100 employees, many to other agencies. I know what it would have taken to have kept at least 25 deputy sheriffs from going elsewhere. That alone would have saved $3 million dollars in the hiring and training their replacements.

I believe the right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment for a reason. It is there to protect the Freedom and Rights granted to us by the constitution. If we do not protect our rights then very soon we will not have any.

28 years ago I raised my right hand and pledged to defend the constitution and serve the businesses and citizens of Jefferson County the best I could. That pledge and commitment is stronger now than ever before.

I'm Jim Shires, Candidate for Jefferson County Sheriff. Just remember HIRE SHIRES and you've got it right.

I have the endorsements of teenagers, Moms, Dads, Grandparents and people just like you. Small businesses such as cafes, fitness centers, and gun stores are backing me. I'm asking for your vote and support to get things going in the right direction. Remember HIRE SHIRES for Jefferson County Sheriff!

God Bless You and God Bless America!!!

This is the video and text of my acceptance speech at the GOP Jefferson County assembly.

1. Name three qualities a sheriff should have and how they relate to your character.
Unselfish – Serving citizens first, employee needs next and my concerns last.
Enthusiastic – A sense of duty and honor allows me to lead by example.
Integrity – Is first and foremost the basis of providing law enforcement services.

2. What experiences have prepared you to become sheriff?
I started working at age 14; I spent my formative years learning teamwork, responsibility and accountability. Having worked in different divisions and units during my 28-year career, with the Sheriff’s Office, These areas must work together to be successful. Knowing the demands of today’s society and the expectation on law enforcement is critical. I’ve controlled overtime cost and ensured the job was completed without compromising quality or safety. I was elected president and treasurer for the largest Public Information Officer’s organization in Colorado by using my skills.

3.    Name your top three priorities if elected.
Budget – I have identified millions of dollars within the current budget that can be better utilized and provide the community with the Sheriff's Office they deserve. We will not ask the taxpayer for more money until every dollar is accounted for and spent efficiently.

School safety – The Sheriff’s Office will train any school employee in ways to ensure student’s safety. If any Jefferson County School employee from the Superintendent, to teachers, or even the school board wants to become a Reserve Peace Officer, we will train them for free.

Defend the Constitution and serve the community – We must protect our rights and freedoms as outlined by the U.S. Constitution or very soon we may not have them. Helping the community to promote responsibility and understanding of our rights is vital.  

4. What community outreach efforts will you make to connect effectively with residents?
I will reinstate the Citizen’s Academy to promote partnership with the community.
The “Coffee with a Cop” program will be more accessible to the citizens so they get to know their deputies.
I, and my command staff, will be visible and available on weekends, holidays, evenings and nights. We will be in the field doing our jobs, not just working from the office.
An involved and effective Citizen’s Advisory Panel, focusing on the objective of making the Sheriff's Office the best possible is important.  

5. Rate the performance of the Sheriff’s Department during the past four years on a scale of 1-10 (10 being excellent) Explain.
2010 – 8.5: The Sheriff’s Office was considered an elite agency where men and women desired to work. There was pride in wearing the “green shirt.”
2011 – 7.5: Service and programs were starting to be affected or eliminated due to budget issues and internal strife. Employees were somewhat content but enthusiasm began to suffer.
2012 – 7:   Employees began seeking jobs at other agencies more than ever before. Response times to calls increased. Overtime costs escalated and moral suffered. These factors had a dramatic effect on service to the citizens and businesses.
2013 – 6:   While employees were still doing the best they can, their internal drive seemed devastated. Many employees told me they hated coming to work. Integrity and personal reputation is what kept them going.

A new direction is what the Sheriff’s Office needs. I entered this race, at great personal and professional expense, to make change for the better. The people of Jefferson County deserve better and we will deliver.

Below is a Q&A from the North Jeffco weekly papers. I've put this on here so everyone can see my position and thoughts.

Victory Party
Wrigley's Sports Bar & Grill
Tuesday, June 24th.

5:30 - 11:00 pm

18200 W. Colfax Ave